"Ius est ars boni et aequi" (The law is the art of goodness and equity.)

Turkish Law Firm

Atamer Law Firm, located in Istanbul, provides legal advice and services. You may contact us for legal info or appointment.

Turkish Attorneys

Atamer Law Firms is mainly specialized in consultation and legal services about crminal law and family law.

Family Law

We provide the fastest solutions to contested and uncontested (agreed) divorce cases and other family law issues.

Criminal Law

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers represent and defense you during investigation (pre-trial) process and trials.

Cyber Law

Our attorneys specialize in e-commerce law, internet law and computer and cyber crimes. 

Atamer Law Firm

Atamer Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support and solutions.

Turkish Lawyer

If you are looking for English speaking Turkish lawyer please visit our contact page.

Avukat İlker ATAMERIlker Atamer Attorney at Law

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