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Atamer Law Firms is specailized in real estate law and Turkish property law. We provide legal services for buyers, sellers and property owners.

For Buyers

Buying a property is one of the most expensive investment for most of people ever make. There is no doubt that buying a property in Turkey is a profitable investment. However Turkish Property Law is a little complicated and buying a property in Turkey involves lots of paperwork and also diligence. Buying a property process may look simple and standard, but in reality it requires extensive care and diligence. We recommend the buyers,  especially foreigner buyers, to get a professional service or at least consultation from a Turkish Real Estate Lawyer before buying a property in Turkey.

For Sellers

Selling a property is as important as buying a property. After finding a potential buyer, the next is step should be to find a Turkish Property Lawyer, who can take care of all the remaining legal steps of the selling process.

Our law firm reviews the contracts and analyzes all steps of the transaction to guarantee you rights and interests.

For Owners

Leasing of a property in Turkey is always subject to the strict law and therefore hiring a Turkish Property Lawyer is highly recommended. Our law firm drafts or edits rental contracts for you to ensure that your rental agreement is valid and legally binding.

Getting professional legal service is very important for land lords to make sure the rental contract binding and also deterrent for the tenant. A rental agreement prepared by a professional is also critical to make sure to get paid on time.

In addition to providing legal services during the all steps of rental agreements, we also assist our clients for collecting rents.

Other legal services provided by Atamer Law Firm related to Turkish real estate law:

    • Legislative and regularity advice,
    • Preliminary real estate and sales contract issues and lawsuits,
    • Construction defect or defective property issues and lawsuits,
    • Drafting, editing and reviewing of sales and rental contracts,
    • Property title verification and ownership report,
    • Property registration and transaction processing,
    • Litigation and dispute resolution,
    • Translation service for our clients during transactions.