Drug Possession and Drug Law in Turkey

Drug Possession and Drug Law in Turkey Drug possession or drug use, a.k.a ‘drug crime’ is defined as purchase or acceptance of a narcotic substance according to the Turkish Penal Code.  Using drugs and drug dealing constitutes a crime in Turkey, just like in many other countries.  However, the Turkish Criminal Code designates a comparatively lighter punishment…


Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking Crimes

Migrant Smuggling Migrant smuggling and human trafficking crimes are implemented in article 79 of the Turkish Penal Code. According to the Turkish Criminal Code,  migrant trafficking is defined as illegally transporting a foreign person into or out of the country or keeping them in the country for direct or indirect financial gain.  As can be…


Skype Scams and Blackmail

Skype Scam As an experienced cyber law expert and lawyer I have observed a specific type of blackmail,  which is called as “webcam blackmail“, “Skype blackmail“, “Skype scams” or “sextortion” for the last decade. We can say this crime is mainly committed on the internet by people particularly from Morocco, Ivory Coast, Philippines and as…


Property Fraud and Real Estate Scams in Turkey

Property Fraud and Scams Turkey is one of the best countries in the world for investment in property. House prices in Turkey have been increasing rapidly and property investors profit both while selling and renting their properties. However, Turkey has a complicated property law and it is being changed and updated regularly. Because of this…


Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney in Turkey

Turkish Criminal Defense Attorney Hiring a criminal defense attorney (lawyer) in Turkey is very critical, considering the fact that the Turkish Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law are highly complex legal fields in Turkey.  Another point is that a very limited number of lawyers are really specialized in Turkish Criminal Law. Therefore, it could be…

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